Spring, Summer and Fall Landscape Maintenance Services
Service Price
Weekly cut, trim and clean $38
Bi-weekly cut, trim and clean $48
Spring lawn care package; includes power rake, core plug aerate, cut and trim lawn, application of organic granular fertilizer, weed control spray, (spring time only) call for details. $199
One time/vacation cut, trim and clean $60
Power rake with cut, trim and clean $150
Full season weed control (4 applications) $220
Core Plug Aerate $75
Organic granular fertilizer treatment $75
Weed control $75
Full season organic granular fertilizer (4 applications) $220
Power edging of lawn $0.75/linear foot
Hedge trimming $60/hour
Over seeding of lawn with enriched top soil $300/cubic yard
General labour $60/man per hour
*Bag removal of debris charged at $2.50 per bag hauled to landfill if required.
*Yard clean up is charged at general labour per man hour.
*Prices subject to change without notice.

*Pricing for lawn care is based on average Calgary lot size of approximately 2500 square feet of lawn area. Call for pricing details for oversize and corner lots (typically 25% additional).

Winter Services
Service Price
Front walks and walks up to front door $130
One or two car driveway and walks up to front door without front city sidewalk $150
Front walks, one or two car driveway and walks up to front door $170
Front walks, three car driveway and walks up to front door $195
Front walks, four car driveway and walks up to front door $220
Front walks, five car driveway and walks up to front door $245
Front walks, six car driveway and walks up to front door $270
*driveways are measured at 250 square feet per car
Add walkway from front to back $25
Add patio / deck up to 250 sqft $25
Corner lots add $35

For a set monthly price based on the area being cleared, a crew will come out every snowfall an unlimited times per month. Once every 24 hours during continuous snowfalls. Regular snow removal season runs from November 1st through April 30.

Monthly service runs from the 1st of the month to the end of the month and can be started or cancelled any month. As an alternative to monthly service, on call per time service can be chosen.

Ice melter will be applied as necessary unless specified not to be used. Up to 25 pounds per month will be included with monthly service. If additional ice melter is required, it is charged at $2.50 per pound. 

*Commercial snow removal will be quoted individually based on area requiring clearing and equipment required. Plow truck, bobcat and front end loader are available. Snow removal hauled from site also available.


Construction Services

Decks, Fences, Retaining walls, Garden walls, Water control, Grading, Loaming, Tree and shrub installation and removal, Sod installation, Removal or replacement, Xeriscaping (maintenance free landscaping), Paving stone walkways, Patios and fire pits, Natural stone, Custom brick work, Custom concrete, Asphalt, Bobcat services

*Construction quotes are free of charge.